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Michelle’s paper on deobfuscating Android malware accepted to Usenix Security 2018 — Paper now posted!

Michelle Wong has been working on a finding a way to defeat a new kind of Android malware ...


Prochlo paper to appear at SOSP 2017

A paper describing a project I worked on at Google will appear at SOSP 2017. It describes Prochlo a system ...


OPC project report on Android Application Transparency posted

The report for our collaborative project with Lisa Austin on privacy in Android applications, funded by the Office of ...


Wei’s work on Pearl-TEE to appear at SysTex 2018

Wei’s paper, Pearl-TEE: supporting untrusted applications in TrustZone will appear at SysTex 2018 in October at CCS.  Pearl-TEE is a TrustZone ...


Congratulations to James on an accepted Oakland 2019 paper!

James‘s PhD work on “Using Safety Properties to Generate Vulnerability Patches” has been accepted for publication at the ...