This site hosts versions of the Pscout Android Permission Mapping tool.  Currently there are two versions.  The original PScout was developed and published in 2012 by Kathy Wain Yee Au, Yi Fan Zhou, Zhen Huang and David Lie.  PScout II, a subsequent rewrite was done by Ding Zhu.  The source code, research paper and permission datasets are availble below.

Before this page was created, the PScout source code had been downloaded over 10K times and extended to be used in many following Android versions. The extracted permission mappings had been downloaded over 60K times. PScout has inspired follow on tools such as Susi and Axplorer.

Source code

Original PScout
PScout II


Kathy Wain Yee Au, Yi Fan Zhou, Zhen Huang and David Lie.  PScout: Analyzing the Android Permission Specification. In the Proceedings of the 19th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2012). October 2012.  [Full Paper] [PScout presentation slides]


You can download datasets on the dataset page.

A tool for extracting the permission mapping from Android