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TOSS: The TOronto Systems Security Lab

I have had the opportunity to work with a group of awesome students at the University of Toronto with a from both computer science and electrical and computer engineering.  Students work in a collaborative environment on teams of 2-4 on related problems.  After graduation, my students easily find positions at top companies, as professors and as post-doctoral fellows.  Some have even gone on to found or join startup companies related to their research! When we’re not doing cutting edge research, we can usually be found getting some of Toronto’s excellent food.  

You can find my current and former students below.  If you are interested in joining my group, please consult the Prospective students section on my main web page.

Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Ivan Pustogarov

PhD Students 

Masters Students

  • Diego Velasquez, (ECE)
  • Rongzhen (Gavin) Cui (ECE)
  • Shengjie (John) Xu (ECE)
  • Akshay Kawlay (ECE)
  • Wenjun (Wendy) Qiu (ECE)


Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Mohammed Mannan, 2009-2011. Last known position: Associate Professor at Concordia University.
  • Viau Zhao, 2018-2019.  Last known position: Assistant Professor at Carleton University.

PhD Students

Masters Students

Graduate Student Advice

Some accmulated wisdom for current graduate students or potential graduate students:

Here are some orientation slides for new graduate students I used when I was Associate Chair, Grad studies.  Warning, they are very likely out of date, but hopefully some of the information is still useful.

If you are planning to apply for NSERC or OGS awards, here is some advice I’ve assembled for the 2013-2014 competition (disclaimer: some information may be out of date):