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David Lie appointed to the Schwartz Reisman Research Leadership Team

I am honoured to have been appointed to the research leadership team of the newly created Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society, established through a generous $100M gift from Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman, whose objective is to better understand the benefits and challenges that AI, biotechnology, and other technological advances present for our economy, our society and our day-to-day lives.

Institutes such as this are particularly important as many problems today increasingly require a multi-disciplinary approach. Computer security, my area of expertise, is no longer just about protecting databases or preventing script kiddies from rooting machines. Modern data breaches create huge financial losses and have vast privacy implications. In some cases, there is evidence that foreign governments are even behind a number of cybersecurity attacks, raising polictical and military concerns. I am excited to bring my expertise in technology, AI and cybersecurity to the table as we tackle these, and other, important challenges facing society today.