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Shawn’s paper on vWitness to appear at DSN 2023!

vWitness is a cool idea that uses comptuer vision to “witness” website interactions, allowing a trusted component to assess whether a website, the brower UI or the client system has been tampered with in an interaction between a web server and a user. In essence vWitness acts like a trusted witness, asserting to the website that a) the website was displayed correctly, b) the user interacted with the website in a genuine way and c) the resulting web requests sent to the website match the actions of the user. vWitness is a unique approach for leveraging trusted computing in a way that allows richer UI interactions for the user, while still maintaining the integrity of the website and user interactions with it. Read about vWitness here! We look forward to presenting this exciting work at DSN 2023. Congratulations Shawn!