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David Lie

Open Source Projects

We build a lot of software in my group, and when time allows we try to open source as much as we can.  Since we have Github, most open source projects go on Github.  Here are some of the projects we have open sourced over the years.  Feel free to use them as you see fit, or even better contribute back your improvements!  We are always open to collaboration and sharing opportunities.


TIRO is a hybrid static-dynamic deobfuscator for Android malware.  Details in this paper.


Hybrid Static-Dynamic tool that improves the performance of malware analysis.  Details in this paper.


A system that automatically generates workarounds for mitigating vulnerabilities.  Uses a combination of static analysis heuristics.  Details in this paper.

PScout (Original)

Android Permission mapping tool.  Details in this paper, datasets on this website.

PScout II

A rewrite of the original PScout Tool.


A misconfiguration debugging and semi-automated repairt tool. Details in this paper.