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New IEEE S&P Magazine Article and Paper on Covid-19 Smartphone Apps

Ever wonder about the proliferating support for security in hardware? It seems the computing industry has been hard at work at proposing various acronyms like SGX, MPX, MTE and CET, to name a few… Viau and I have taken a crack at understanding if and whether hardware support really improves the security of your system overall, and written an article which will appear in IEEE Security and Privacy that tries to answer “Is hardware more secure than software?“. Is it? Read it and you be the judge!

On another note, many western democracies have been struggling with both the efficacy, desirability and even the legality of Smartphone-based contact-tracing and exposure-notification apps. In collaboration with several law faculty, at U of T and other institutions, we try to answer this question in a report, which was shared with the Minister of Justice, the Honourable David Lametti.